Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Dearworthiest Family, Dearworthiest Godfriends,

Many have asked me to write an autobiography. But I did years ago, back in the days of manual typewriters and carbon paper, no photocopiers, no word processors. Remember how one mistake meant you had to retype the entire page! Its unique manuscript never reached my father's agent. So I rewrote it, again manually, with my newest baby beside me in the play pen, back in the 60's. I had promised my husband I would write this novel to get us out of debt. But I had no more energy left to market it.

Now I share with you the poems and the novel/autobiography I wrote for my husband and our sons. So much easier these days to include with the poems, with the stories, also the paintings and drawings of so long ago. And to correct mistakes without having to retype whole pages!

Poems Pennyeach are at http://www.umilta.net/poems.html and there is also an audio book of these at http://www.umilta.net/poemspennyeach.mp3
Mosaic is at http://www.umilta.net/mosaic.html and http://www.umilta.net/mosaic2.html

This mosaic I saw at 21 in Murano on the Venetian Lagoon. The two peacocks at the vase represent the Shekinah, the Eucharist.

Bless you,